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On Site Printing

Most events book 3-6 months in advance. We are able to travel in the 5 state area: California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, & Oregon.

How It Works

The DOCKS T-Shirt Factory On-Site Printing Team will speak with you via phone or email to arrange for our presence at your event. DOCKS T-Shirt Factory Printing will then have our graphic designer(s) create a design that is specific for just your event. Once the design(s) are approved by you, your work is done. On the day or days of the event, our team will arrive and set up prior to the event with blank merchandise and the necessary equipment to print the items.  Your event attendees will then come to the booth throughout the event and choose the color, size, style of the shirt they wish and we will print the design in just seconds.


  • No monetary obligation or investment

  • No risk

  • No volunteers

  • No artwork fees

  • No taking of sizes

  • No surplus or guess-work

Best of all, your event will earn commission of the net profits for the featured event shirt by simply allowing our presence!