SmallER Orders

Smaller and custom orders require a little more time per item as well as, often a different printing method depending on the needs of the design. Therefore, not only is the pricing different but a lot more individualized. Here are some general guidelines per printing method.

Light Digital Prints

Full Color Print On White Shirts



Custom vinyl prints

Custom images are priced based on the type of vinyl and total square inches used. Quantity of items ordered will also factor into final pricing. Once we have your approved artwork, we can give a more accurate estimate.

DARK Digital Prints

Full Color Print On Colored Shirts



Two and Three color vinyl also available. Additional charges may apply for more detailed images.

letters & Numbers

One color vinyl (standard colors)**

Standard 2 inch height name $6.00

Up to 6 inch number $2.00 per number*

Up to 12 inch number $3.00 per number*

*8″ numbers are most common for soccer. 6″ is typically used for basketball. 10″ or 12″ numbers are used for football.